Navarre working groups for the dynamization of Personalized Medicine_DNa.MedPer


For a dynamization of the Personalized Medicine Strategy covering the entire Navarrese Health value chain, four working groups have been created: Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Biopharma, Medical Devices and Prevention and Wellness. 

These groups are made up of companies, research organizations, universities and other key players.
Its purpose is to promote synergies between them that lead to the Development of the Personalized Medicine sector in Navarra, through its participation in strategic projects, the creation of new companies and the generation of value propositions aimed at their implementation in the health system.



Genomics and personalized medicine group

Genomic sequencing is a key tool to be able to apply Personalized Medicine to the population. Navarre is currently immersed in various projects to analyze the human genome for the treatment of different diseases. This working group is created to take advantage of the industry network, research institutions and universities that are using genomic sequencing to develop their projects.

Biopharma group

The biopharmaceutical sector has great scientific-technical relevance in Navarre. The evolution is very favorable in recent years, with a greater creation of companies with high added value and high specialization. Taking into account the synergies that can be created between companies and research institutions, this is a capital group for the Personalized Medicine Strategy.

Medical devices group

In the last 5 years, the growth of medical equipment and health technology manufacturing companies in Navarre has had a growth never seen before, generating high levels of exportations and patents. All these technologies and equipments or sons of those could have applications in Personalized Medicine, and this is why this group was created. 

Prevention and Wellness group

The increase of chronic diseases in the population caused by the aumented life expectancy, is generating a loss in quality of life at the old age. Taking into account the new health care strategies and models that are evolving towards greater prevention, health promotion and self-care, obtaining high levels of well-being based on prevention is one of the goals of the Personalized Medicine Strategy.