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Personalised Precision Medicine is becoming a reality in Navarre. The advent of this patient-centred medicine will happen in an orderly, planned, sustainable and comprehensive manner, ensuring the citizens of our region have access and benefit from this innovative way of understanding medical practice, that places the person at the centre of its activity. Personalised Medicine integrates, in addition to this central vision, the latest advances in scientific knowledge with the aim of providing the most individualised care possible and ensuring the sustainability of our healthcare system.   

From a practical point of view, Personalised Precision Medicine offers a better-targeted medical treatment, tailored to the characteristics that define each patient, classifying them in such a way that they can be identified according to their predisposition to disease, prognosis, diagnosis, and possible response to treatment, avoiding possible side effects and enhancing its effectiveness, by using data collected from several sources such as genomic data, data from electronic medical records, epidemiological data or image analysis (MRI, X-rays, etc.).   

The implementation of Personalised Precision Medicine will require a well-planned strategy to map an improved personalised patient care, fostering scientific and technological research and representing a lever for economic development. The Government of Navarre aims to design a Personalised Medicine Strategy, as one of the first priority challenges to be faced by our region, and for this purpose appointed and Interdepartmental Commission comprising the University, Innovation and Digital Transformation Department, the Healthcare Department, and the Industry, Green and Digital Business Transition Department, to lead it. 

The Integrated Personalised Medicine Strategy for Navarre is a commitment to improve the healthcare we provide to citizens. Bringing science, technology, and the laboratory even closer to clinical practice, to the healthcare we receive from healthcare professionals. It means providing ourselves with tools to make medicine increasingly sustainable, inclusive, personal, predictive, preventive and participatory. Ultimately, it means the Navarre continues to be a leading region in Europe in the healthcare provided to its citizens. 

María Chivite Navascués 

President of the Government of Navarre  


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Despite being a major issue in any strategic plan, sustainability remains an abstract principle when it comes to its practical application in the design of Personalised Medicine strategies. Unlike other organisational units that measure sustainability and value creation along their value chain, Personalised Medicine must consider its sustainability based on the value and sustainability of products, processes, and services in a global ecosystem, throughout their entire life cycle.  

The Integrated Personalised Medicine Strategy for Navarre proposes a series of procedures in biomedical data management for primary purpose, mainly focused on healthcare services to the patient, but also on its secondary use, such as healthcare service management and planning, research and knowledge improvement, and sustainability and economic development. 

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Our goal is to develop a patient-centred Personalised Medicine, as a key element to improve a sustainable healthcare based on the study of the human genome. This approach will foster biomedical research and innovation and become a driver to dynamise economic development in a safe, ethical, and equitable context of technological expansion.   
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Our aim is to offer the entire population of Navarre patient-centred healthcare, based on a quality collaborative research, integrating large volumes of biomedical data from multiomics technologies and to excel in this field to be a forefront of Personalised Medicine by 2030. 
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✓PERSONALISED MEDICINE centred on the patient. 
✓EMPATHY in solving the healthcare problems and interests of the population, based on evidence, sustainability, and the rational use of resources. 
✓DESIRE TO INNOVATE directed at investigative excellence, the achievement of results in terms of healthcare, social profitability, the attraction and retention of talent, and interdisciplinary cooperation and transversality. 
✓PROTECCIÓN, con máximo respeto del marco legislativo, derechos individuales, principios éticos, y empoderamiento ciudadano en el manejo y administración de datos biomédicos.
✓SOLIDARITY, with equal, efficient, and secure access to infrastructures for the production, processing, and storage of biomedical and advanced multiomics data. 
✓TRANSPARENCY in the governance and distribution of resources. 
✓COMMITMENT to an integrated educational and training model, to guarantee the education and training of professional profiles that are flexible and adapted to the challenges of the future.  
✓CATALYST for innovation, collective talent, and entrepreneurship as promoters of economic development and generators of employment. 
✓COOPERATION at a national and international level, in the research and generation of healthcare solutions derived from the collaborative and federated analysis of biomedical data. 

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The concept of Personalised Medicine represents an evolution in the approach of medical practice, placing the individual at the centre of a healthcare linked to scientific knowledge and sustainability. This new approach will represent an important change in the healthcare system and will be a driver for innovation and development in the coming years.   

The Integrated Personalised Medicine Strategy for Navarre (IPMSN) was designed to be taken to position Navarre as an international benchmark in Genomic Medicine applied to Personalised Medicine through research excellence, providing its citizens with significant socioeconomic benefits, including an efficient and sustainable healthcare system, economic growth, and higher-quality employment. 

  • this Strategy is aligned with the Agreement between EU Member States that expects to have access to one million sequenced genomes by 2022 and ten million by 2025 (1+MG Roadmap, B1+MG)

  • with EU Framework Programmes – Horizon Europe 2021-2027

  • with the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2021-2027

The joint effort needed is important and depends to a large extent on the collective support of all citizens. This must be coordinated and fostered by the Government of Navarre and its decision-making bodies through the appropriate financing channels during the entire design, deployment, and execution phases of the Strategy to achieve the goal of personalising Navarre and its medicine and generating regional specialisation ensuring our Region is at the forefront of Personalised medicine by 2030.