The Platform for the Dynamization of Personalized Medicine

The Personalized Medicine Dynamization Platform forms part of one of the lines of work of the Department of Economic Development to promote the personalized medicine sector in Navarre, considered a priority area within the S4 Intelligent Development Strategy promoted by the Government of Navarre.

The development of storage capacity and the processing and interpretation of large amounts of data, together with new genome sequencing technologies that are much more robust and affordable, allow personalized medicine, centered on the individual, to become a reality in the health system. Right now, the challenge is to develop a greater capacity to interpret the large volumes of data generated.
This technological evolution implies profound changes in the health system, also requiring the specialization and enhancement of the entire business network related to health.

The Personalized Medicine Platform of the Economic and Business Development department emerges as a benchmark for the meeting and participation of the personalized medicine sector in Navarre.

With the ambition of opening new lines of business that allow an agile development of Personalized Medicine, as well as the strengthening of existing ones, and for the generation of new strategic projects that promote investment.