EP PerMed: European Partnership for Personalised Medicine

EP PerMed

The EraPerMed and the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine, ICPerMed, will become part of the European Partnership for Personalized Medicine, EP PerMed.

This will mean that EraPerMed will disappear after launching its last call in 2022 and that later, EP PerMed will be in charge of launching new calls, already scheduled for the end of 2023.

EP PerMed's main objective is to align and promote national and regional priority setting and funding of research and implementation projects in the area of ​​personalized medicine among EU Member States (MS), regions and associated countries, as well as international partner countries.

How to achieve the goal?

1. Generating research and results through funding activities, for example through transnational and cross-sectoral research consortia, networks, pilots and collaborations.

2. Being the most important platform and initiative to connect key stakeholders in the field of personalized medicine to share evidence, demonstrate solutions and drive support activities in policy, regulatory science and health economics.

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First ICPerMed Training Event on June 17th

Training in Personalised Communication in Personalised Medicine

Personalised medicine (PM) is bringing together a broad range of scientific fields which require a new and comprehensive strategy to communicate about the PM. Personalised communication could be defined as “the right message for the right citizen at the right time”. The training programme “Personalised Communication of Personalised Medicine” will offer to the healthcare professionals and researchers interested in personalised medicine the opportunity to learn new skills in order to communicate in a more personalised way.

Please apply until june 15th

ICPerMed Best Practice Recognition 2022: Data Sharing in Personalised Medicine Clinical Research

The 2022 Recognition aims to honour, encourage, promote and disseminate outstanding examples of Clinical Research in Personalised Medicine using clinical datasets and technology to fruitfully impact the Regional, National, and International data sharing among patients, health professionals, and researchers.  

The deadline for the submission of the proposals is June 30th, 2022. 

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